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Justin Braun – Distinguished Long Island Sound striped bass and fluke pro and accomplished offshore- and canyon fishing specialist! Captain Rick Mola - Veteran New England pro specializing in catching tunas, sharks and swordfish offshore, and trophy fluke, blackfish and striped bass in Long Island Sound!


Captain Bruce Millar – Groton-based trophy bass authority with over 40 years experience in fishing the local waters, and with 43 bass over 50 pounds and two over 60, aboard The Otter! Captain David Wicker – Noted marine electronics specialist and authority on reading the bottom and water column to locate fish!

Captain Chris Cullen – A 30 year veteran at bottom fishing in Western Long Island Sound and skipper of the Island Current fleet! Captain Greg Dubrule – Legendary captain of the Groton-based Blackhawk party fishing boat and specialist at catching trophy class fluke, blackfish, cod and other New England bottom fish!

Captain Rick Carroll – Veteran authority on fishing Long Island Sound and Montauk waters for trophy striped bass, fluke, and thresher sharks! Alan Wenzel – South Florida-based offshore- and bottom-fishing specialist!

Crazy Alberto Knie - Legendary trophy striped bass authority, and innovative specialist at catching trophy class fluke and tautog! George Poveromo - Renowned angling authority, Editor-At-Large for Salt Water Sportsman Magazine,  and host of George Poveromo’s World of Saltwater Fishing on NBC Sports.