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Ava McMahon – South Jersey coastal and back bay-fishing specialist for fluke, blackfish and striped bass! Chris Lido – Information and Education specialist at New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife, and accomplished fluke and blackfish authority!

Nick Honachefsky - Normandy Beach-based authority on catching trophy fluke and blackfish, fishing the back-bays for striped bass, noted writer, author and fishing TV personality! Captain David Wicker – Noted marine electronics specialist and authority on reading the bottom and water column to locate fish!

David Arbeitman – Renowned deep-drop specialist who excels at catching trophy class Golden tilefish and other benthic species off the Jersey coast; Arbeitman is also a noted trophy fluke authority! Captain Joe Trainor – Fabled South Jersey-based offshore and canyon pro with Over Under Sportfishing!

Captain Sean Reilly – Noted South Jersey trophy fluke, blackfish, wreck- and bottom-fishing specialist who also excels at catching sharks and tuna! “Crazy” Alberto Knie - Legendary trophy striped bass authority and innovative specialist at catching trophy class fluke and blackfish!

Captain Brian Williams – Noted Ocean City-based shallow water and back bay fishing specialist with his Badfish Fishing Charters! Captain Tom Daffin – Premier trophy striped bass, fluke, wreck and offshore fishing authority with Fishin’ Fever Sportfishing!

Alan Wenzel – South Florida-based offshore- and bottom-fishing specialist!
Captain Chris Dos Santos – Legendary authority on catching trophy blackfish. fluke and sea bass, aboard his Point Pleasant Beach-based charter boat, Barb Gail IV!

George Poveromo - Renowned angling authority, Editor-At-Large for Salt Water Sportsman Magazine,  and host of George Poveromo’s World of Saltwater Fishing on NBC Sports.