PASADENA, TEXAS How to locate and catch trophy cobia; How to score big cobia from a small boat; How to make stubborn cobia eat; Secrets of sight-fishing for cobia; New tactics for even bigger king mackerel; Trolling for kings; How to catch more and larger snapper and grouper; Live-baiting for trophy bottom fish; Successful jigging tactics for bottom fish, wahoo and tuna; Chumming strategies for bottom fishing; Speckled trout by the numbers; Nighttime monster trout tactics; Fishing the passes and beaches for trophy redfish and speckled trout; Chunking for redfish; Taking redfish year-round; Successful deep water redfish tactics; Artificial lure fishing for trout, redfish and flounder; Secrets of fishing the flats for redfish and trophy trout; Top tactics for big flounder; How to locate and catch more flounder; Secrets of fishing the Houston shipping channel and Galveston Bay; Kite fishing for tarpon, kings, cobia, tuna, wahoo and dolphin; How to read and fish the offshore waters (locating the loop currents, thermal breaks, warm water fingers and structure for wahoo, dolphin, tuna and billfish); How to choose, rig and fish the most productive offshore trolling lures; Cutting-edge chunking tactics for yellowfin tuna; Live-chumming for trophy yellowfins; Fish the rigs like a pro; Sub-surface wahoo tactics; Cutting edge dolphin tactics; South Florida daytime swordfish tactics for Gulf of Mexico swordfish!