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Mark your calendars and get ready to learn - and celebrate! The Salt Water Sportsman National Seminar Series takes its 30 Year Anniversary Tour on the road beginning January 7 in Fort Myers. From there, it’s on to Wilmington, NC January 14th,  Pasadena, TX  January 21st, Islamorada, FL Keys January 28th, Anne Arundel County, MD February 4th, Melbourne, FL February 11th, Atlantic City area, NJ, February 25th and Taunton/Foxboro area, MA March 4th!  The 2017 tour will once again feature “World of Saltwater Fishing” television host and SWS Contributing Editor George Poveromo at all eight locations.

Long heralded as the nation’s most popular and longest-running seminar tour on recreational marine fishing tactics and techniques, the amount of cutting edge information dispatched at each stop by faculty teams comprised of leading national and regional angling authorities has remained unparalleled for three decades! Regardless if you’re a newcomer, a seasoned veteran, professional captain or tournament pro, you won’t leave without acquiring valuable fishing knowledge. 

INFORMATION OVERFLOW - Poveromo will be joined at each stop by a minimum of nine additional faculty members, a varied mix of highly-acclaimed national, regional and local angling pros.  Their objective: provide the short-cuts to catching more and bigger fish within the respective Seminar Series regions. Each stop focuses on inshore, near shore and offshore fishing - all saltwater, naturally.

“The actual eight city tour runs from January through early March, but the planning which goes into each Seminar Series spans nine months”, says Poveromo. “Unlike a run-of-the-mill fishing clinic at a local tackle shop, the National Seminar Series is an elaborate, highly-visual production held in luxurious auditoriums and ballrooms, to ensure comfort and quality acoustics. Each session spans 30-minutes and is supported by informative images, diagrams, video bytes and on-stage demonstrations; These visuals are specifically tailored to each session to help reinforce the critical points being discussed on stage, and broadcast from a pair of 10-foot by 10-foot screens up on stage with us.  And, to keep the information exchanges lively and often-times very competitive, each session is chaired by a four-person faculty team. Our team teaching concept has been a Seminar Series trademark from the very beginning.”


NEW TEXTBOOK! – To help celebrate the 30 Year Anniversary Tour, attendees will receive a brand new Seminar Series textbook!  And that’s certainly not all. Add in a one year subscription or extension to Salt Water Sportsman, one Roffer’s Ocean Fishing Forecast Analysis, a bottle of OrPine Wash & Wax, Star tron fuel treatment, Star brite Xtreme Clean, and Corrosion Block, a $ 10.00 Bass Pro Shops discount card (on a purchase of $ 75.00 or more) and chances to win valuable door prizes, and the $ 55.00 ticket price remains the best bargain in sportfishing today!


DOOR PRIZES GALORE Throughout each seminar day, drawings will be held for thousands-of-dollars’ worth of door prizes. An overabundance of prizes will highlight the 30-Year Anniversary Tour, from lures, fishing pliers, Bass Pro Shops gift cards, and Columbia Sportswear, all the way to Penn reels, coolers, dredges, King Sailfish mounts, JL Audio components, etc.


EVEN BIGGER DOOR PRIZES – At the conclusion of each of the eight seminar stops, there will be a drawing for a Florida Keys fishing trip with a noted Florida Keys fishing guide, accommodations included.


Seminar Door Prizes Seminar Door Prizes


THE CONCEPT – The Seminar Series utilizes a team-teaching concept, where four faculty members take the stage for each session. Each team member is an authority on the respective topic. This ensures for not only an entertaining and lively exchange of information, but discussions on various approaches to catch the respective species. Faculty teams are well-versed on fishing with artificials, live-bait, and dead bait, and from different locations along a specific Seminar Series region.

Twin 10 X 10 foot screens help faculty teams reinforce their key points, through visuals of specific rigs, techniques and the species being covered. Video bytes and even on-stage demonstrations further support the learning process.


THE MAKO – And keeping with Seminar Series tradition, at the conclusion of the eighth and final stop on the 2017 tour, the names of all attendees will be placed into a barrel, and one ticket will be randomly drawn to win the Super Grand Prize Mako ProSkiff 17 CC.

SATURDAY LEARNINGS - The seminars are held on Saturdays, beginning at 9:00 a.m. and concluding by 3:00 p.m. There is a one-hour break at noon.


AFTER SEMINAR PARTIES – To help celebrate a full day of learning and provide an opportunity for attendees to socialize with George Poveromo and various other faculty members, there will be an After Seminar Party from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the local Bass Pro Shops. A Seminar Series name badge is required to enter the special party area at the Bass Pro Shops. Here, seminar attendees will enjoy complimentary food, drinks and live music. Each registered attendee is entitled to bring one guest to an After Seminar Party. All but the Wilmington, NC, seminar will feature an After Seminar Party in 2017 (there’s no Bass Pro Shops close to the seminar venue).


After Seminar Party After Seminar Party


ORDER NOW, DON’T DELAY – Going on three decades now, the National Seminar Series continues to pack major venues. And the special 30-Year Anniversary Tour will certainly be a barn-burner.  Don’t miss out! 

SPECIAL VIP PACKAGES – All advance ticket orders will be entered into drawings for chances to win VIP upgrades. This includes a front row seat and back stage access to join the faculty for coffee and snacks in the morning and lunch at noon.

TO ORDER TICKETS (and for additional information): Visit: www.nationalseminarseries.com, or call 1-800-448-7360.
Every After Seminar party last season resulted in packed houses.  No doubt, the 2017 parties will be just as popular. Of the eight stops in 2017, all but the Wilmington seminar will have an After Seminar party (just because there’s not a Bass Pro Shops close by, as of yet).


This is one day of school you can’t afford to miss!