JERSEY SHORE, NEW JERSEY - Trophy stripers on ultra-light tackle; Live-lining for trophy stripers; Top trolling tactics for stripers; Secrets of fishing Raritan, Sandy Hook, Silver and Barnegat Bays; Sure-fire weakfish tactics; How to target and catch trophy weakfish; Chunking for bluefish; Bluefish on surface lures; Inshore wire-line techniques; Jetty tactics; How to catch more and bigger fluke; Targeting trophy fluke; Cutting-edge fluke tactics; Top tactics for big blackfish; Catching blackfish by the score; 
Variety fishing in and around inlets; How to locate and fish productive bottom (blackfish, sea bass, spot and fluke); Back-bay stripers; Canít-miss tuna-trolling patterns; Cutting-edge tuna chunking tactics; Live-baiting for 
tunas; Advanced methods for bluefin and yellowfin tuna; Zeroing in on big eye tuna; How to choose, rig and fish the best lures and natural baits for tuna; Tournament winning offshore trolling tactics; Subsurface offshore trolling tactics; Cutting edge spreader bar and dredge tactics; Secrets for catching more inshore tuna; Reading water temperature charts; Targeting trophy makos; Basic and advanced sharking techniques; Offshore kitefishing for sharks and tuna; Florida tactics for daytime swordfish!